Mexican food is at face value, made up of very simple, accessible ingredients. If Mexican food was purely about nourishment, it would have ended there. But over thousands of years, it became about families, coming to the table to experience flavors and food, together.

There is a word in Spanish, Saźon. It is not about spices or particular flavors, but rather the specific union of those things brought together, not by technical skill, but rather the magic that exists in the gap between technique and success. Arguably, every chef brings their own saźon. If you sat down and ate a dish made by Mike, then the same one made by Lulu, immediately you would understand saźon. The same ingredients, expressed in completely different ways, based on the tastes and experiences of the chef. And that is what Lulu Taqueria is, a creative integration of cultures, styles, traditions, but most importantly family.

So, come with your family, and experience the food that is the tastes and pallets passed down by generations, from grandmothers to granddaughters, from chefs to apprentices. It is a journey through history and tension and community, all on a 12” plate.

What began as a friendship made in a gas station taco shop (probably the closest representation of what a true taqueria is, by the way!) has evolved into Lulu Taqueria. We are excited to taking you on this adveture with us.